What Is Business Coaching

And why it will change your business?

Running a business is like managing a sports team and all great teams have a coach on their side! The coach won’t play the game but will make sure that his team is fit, aligned, practiced and armed with great strategies and tactics to get results on the field.

In the same way your business coach will make sure your team is ready to play; that you have the right players in the right positions playing to their strengths, that you and your team have a clear goal in mind and a plan of how to reach that goal, that the team know the playing field and are fit and ready and that, as Captain, you are focused and able to lead.

Every business wants to win and having a coach at your side swings the odds in your favour giving you the tools you need to read the pulse of your business so you too can scale up your profit, cash and value.

1000’s of businesses globally have managed to drive profit, improve cash and 10x business value when working with an Action Coach.

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Who is Coaching For?

Bill Clinton, Oprah, Serena Williams, Leonardo Di Caprio, Sir Richard Branson, Jim Yong Kim, Evan Sharp, Elon Musk, Will Smith all have one thing in common: they have all employed the services of a coach! 

Do I need a Coach?

Unsure if working with a Coach is for you?

If you’re like my clients, you’ve built a business by rolling up your sleeves and putting in the hard work. And now you’re ready for more.

More revenue, more profit, more time for your priorities, a more aligned and engaged team… more fun.
If you’re ready to build a business that works for you (not just because of you), let’s get to work.

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How It Works

1. Book your free session

The first step! This is the quickest step but can often be the hardest step on any journey. Yours starts with a click and a quick email to me to apply for your free session. That is it… about 2 minutes of your time.

2. Business Readiness Assessment

Before I even begin to think about coaching you, I need to ensure that your business is ready and healthy enough for coaching. Once you have submitted your “Free Session” request you will receive a simple Business Readiness Questionnaire so I can get some basic info about your business, your team, your immediate challenges and long-term goals. Once you get this and return it (it takes about an hour to complete) then we confirm your complimentary session with us.

I will personally review this to get us to the next step, or recommend suitable options for you and your business at this stage. We cannot proceed with your free session until I’ve received and reviewed the questionnaire so that I know how to help.

3. Your 1 hour coaching session

Once you have returned your completed assessment to us then we confirm your complimentary session.

We’ll meet at our offices or we’ll connect online and you’ll get to enjoy your free session. During your coaching session I will explain how coaching works and take you through a typical coaching session. 

This session will be an assessment of where you are, some tools to manage any critical areas you are struggling with and then plotting the way forward to get you to your dream destination and back flowing. At the end you’ll leave feeling good, charged up and with a plan and some tools to apply immediately.

4. You decide

After your session we leave the decision entirely up to you. There are a number of coaching packages to choose from and our team can talk you through these and discuss a suitable date and time for your journey to start! Or if you decide that coaching is just not for you right now then you could join our workshops and seminars. 

No Pressure

I will leave the decision in your hands as to whether you see value in coaching for you or not.

 No Risk

You really have nothing to loose other than a couple of hours. I encourage you to book today.

 Easy Wins

Identify ‘quick wins’ that you can go away & action – whether or not you continue coaching with me.

Business Coaching Programs

Treat your business like your #1 client…
and it will take care of you like your #1 client.

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